Keeping a productive vineyard is essential if we want to sustain our business. But how ? ? By completing our parcellaire. Complantation or replacement of missing is an important operation which involves removing dead feet from a vineyard and replacing them with seedlings, in order to respect

Right now at La Suffrène: The shoots are mechanically milled to restore organic matter to the plot. The natural degradation of this raw material serves as an organic input and is fully correlated with our goal of #conversion into organic agriculture. ? As a reminder, the conversion period is

Domaine La Suffrène will be present at the International Salon Wine and Spirits ProWein, for its 25th edition. From the winemakers fair to the barometer of the trend world: when the first edition of ProWein opened its doors in 1994, nobody knew that the living room would be as successful

New cuvée with a special "Anniversary" label, are circulating around the world. A GREAT GAME: In the Willy Wonka way (from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"), 90 golden bottles were distributed in the countries where the domain is present, for you to find them ! Whether you