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Our local savoir-faire

A vineyard between earth and sea

The Bandol area is one of the most famous vineyards of Provence. It owes its reputation to a very favorable microclimate, and to its king variety “Le Mourvedre”.
The designation Bandol is one of the oldest protected designation of origin (AOC) in France, it was recognized in 1941.
The quality of the wines is also due to very restrictive specifications with low yields, harvest by hand allowing a rigorous selection of grapes. Our very fragmented vineyard, often in hillsides, and cut in a goblet, implies a large manual work, respecting the traditions of our Appellation.

Creation of the designation AOC BANDOL


Mr. Piche has worked since the beginning of the AOC to develop the family vineyard created at the beginning of the century, bringing his grapes to the cooperative cellar.



His grandson, Cédric Gravier takes the exploitation in hands, creates the winery and vinifies its first cuvée.

First cuvées

1997 / 1998

Marketing of the first cuvée in Blanc, Rosé and Rouge.


250 000

This is the number of bottles we produce each year.

First distinctions


Each year, we present our wines at various national and international competitions as well as some guides.


110 000

That's the number of bottles we export to 19 countries around the world, nearly 40% of our annual production.

In Organic Conversion


Year of launch of the process for an official certification in 2021.

HEV Label


Passage of the Suffrene domain in HEV level 3

Agriculture >
Organic Farming Label


2021 sees the birth of the first millesime of our wines in Organic Farming







Our Story

The Suffrène is above all a family estate combining tradition and modernity. The vines have been in the family for over a century. It was after the war that Mr. Piche, a young farmer, began to develop the vineyard. He is one of the pioneers of the Bandol appellation. His grandson, Cédric Gravier, then took over the farm in 1996, and built the cellar as it exists today. As of that date, he manages the production and marketing of his wines.

Organic Agriculture

The estate has always been concerned about its environment and the quality of its vineyard. We are very attentive to the products we use and adapt our farming methods to minimize inputs. Since about fifteen years, our practices are similar to that of Organic Farming. In 2018, we started the conversion process. Our wines will be officially labeled in 2021. It is the same for our production of olive oil.

A local savoir-faire

The place called ``Les Lauves``, taking its name from its specific flat stones, is located on the heights of La Cadière, with a breathtaking view of the sea. It is of this terroir, of thirty hectares , that we select our best mourvedres to elaborate our most beautiful cuvées. These lands give a strong identity to our wines, the proximity of the sea and the altitude bring freshness necessary for the perfect balance.

Climate issues

We are facing a clear climate change, and it is our duty to look ahead to agri-environmental issues in the long term. For this reason, we have chosen agroforestry as one of the possible solutions. It is the association of trees and vines on the same plot. This project was born of a long reflection, following field observations. We provide you with an explanatory document below on this page.

More about agroforestry

Agroforestry is the association of trees and vines on the same plot.

What are the objectives ?

  • Trees naturally create shade on the vines. This allows evapotranspiration and, in fact, makes them more resistant to drought episodes; which become recurrent in our region.
  • On the other hand, the establishment of trees in our plots is a real reservoir of biodiversity.
  • In the long term, this will also allow a diversification of the productions

To learn more about our project, you can download our Document by clicking here.

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