Green Gold

For several generations, the olive tree is an integral part of the landscape of La Suffrène.

A few thousand olive trees represented by several varieties perfectly adapted to the land of Provence, produce a fine oil, balanced marriage between black and green fruit.

huile d'olive bandol domaine la suffrene

Our Olive Oil

Virgin Extra

The extraction of the oil is done in our own mill. Olives come only from our production. The olive grove is in Organic agriculture conversion since 2017.









And the remaining 25% of Tanche, Bouteillan, Grossane, Picholine, Cailletier and Lucques. These figures are given for information only, these proportions may vary from one year to another.

Can - 25cl. (unavailable)
Can - 50 cl. (36€/L.)
Can - 1 L. (30€/L.)
Can - 2 L. (27,5€/L.)
Glass bottle - 50 cl. (unavailable)
Glass bottle - 75 cl. (unavailable)
Glass bottle - 5 L. (unavailable)

1 : Harvest

The harvest takes place around November 15 until December 15, when the olives are rotating, that is to say they pass from the green fruit stage to that of ripe fruit. The fruits are harvested using vibrating combs. The vibrations in the foliage will then bring the olives to the ground on previously positioned nets. They are then recovered manually and emptied into the trailers of the tractor.

2 : Cleaning and stripping

The olives stored in boxes arrive at the mill, they are then put in a washer and rinsed with water. They are then transferred to a leaf stripper where the leaves and branches are blown and eliminated.

3 : Grinding

The olives once clean, will then be spent whole in a grinder. It is important to keep the core that will bring some acidity and structure to the oil for better preservation. The milled olive will continue its way in mixing tanks to homogenize the dough to facilitate the extraction of the oil.

4 : Separation of the oil

In this last step, we will transfer the dough in a centrifuge so as to separate the ``margine`` (solid matter + water) from the oil. The vegetable water will be recovered and spread in our orchard. This will serve as organic fertilizer. The extra virgin oil is ready to eat!

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