Gamme OSE by La Suffrene : Wine from France

Caritas White Vintage 2019 – Vin de France

Détails et fiche technique

Graptes: Clairette 50 %, Ugni Blanc 50 % .

Plot : Plot: Clairette and Ugni Blanc from our «La Suffrène» plot located in the commune of Brûlat du Castellet.

Soil : Vineyards planted on the deep soil of the Calco-magnesium soil family

Growing practices : Currently undergoing conversion to Organic Agriculture (the first official organic harvest will be 2021), the vineyard has been managed using growing practices that respect official organic specifications for more than 10 years. We are engaged in a process to reduce the use of phytosanitary products. To do this, treatments are carried out at night, and we adapt our work in the vineyard to the level of disease threat, the vine’s receptivity stage and the weather conditions.
Our soils are not ploughed from October to March. From March onwards, the strips of earth between the foot of each vine are worked using hoeing tools, complemented by a surface ploughing of the space between the rows. Our vines are Gobelet-trained and we have a few trellised plots.

Harvesting : Harvesting by hand, sorting in the vineyards

Conservation & Conseils

Vinification :

• Sorting of the harvested grapes (sorting table with 2 people) • De-stemming-crushing. • Skin maceration of the Clairettes in the juice of the Ugni Blancs for 12-24 hours at around 10°C before pressing
• Pressing, separation of the different juice qualities • Fairly fast yeasting after the must has started to heat up. • Alcoholic fermentation with some of the Clairette skins up to a density 1010.
• End of the alcoholic fermentation without the skins • Clarification by cooling (12°C) for around 72 hours
• Racking to obtain a clear liquid, separating out the deposit of thick lees.
• Sulphiting of the wine 48 hours after racking in order to block
la Fermentation Malolactique et donc de conserver une meilleure acidité pour garder de la fraicheur dans les vins.
• Fining carried out in November • Racking in the first fortnight of January • Readjustment, if necessary, of the S02 content to protect the wines from oxidation and bacterial contamination.
• Preparation of the wines before bottling: filtration over cartridges, adjustment of the level of CO2


Élevage 4 months’ ageing in stainless-steel vat
Serve at around 12-13°C

Tasting notes : Fine elegant nose, notes of white flowers. We find the same aromas again on the palate and a more pronounced tannic structure than in our traditional whites This structure has been achieved thanks to the vinification processes used (fermentation on the skins).

Sweet Red – Wine from France

Détails et fiche technique

Grapes : 100% Grenache – Old vines.

Terroir : Soil that contains very thick sandy marls occupying the entire Brûlat depression. At certain levels, past ferruginous sandstone is interspersed, which is the case for this plot of old Grenache. Our vines are led in “Goblet pruning” and we have a few smooth plots.

Yield : 15 Hl/Ha maximum.

Conservation & Conseils

Conservation : more than 20 years.

Nose : dense and very ripe nose with notes of candied grapes and licorice

Mouth : Mouth complex and rich, beautiful balance, on notes identical to those of the nose. Thick and silky tannins. Very long licorice final Thick and silky tannins. Very long liquorice finish.

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