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Fortuné Piche

Winemaker & Owner

“I was born in 1928 in the family home, and since then I wake up every morning in the room where I was born.I have always lived in La Cadière d’Azur.I worked the vine, and the day when my grandson proposed to join me on the farm, I knew that the succession was assured.

I have a lot of pride in passing on this heritage and this savoir-faire to my grandson. His arrival gave me the boost that I have always been waiting for.

I am proud of him, of us, of our loyal employees, of all those who have marked by their involvement and their work the history of our domain and our family. “

Cédric Gravier - Vigneron au Domaine la Suffrène

Cédric Gravier

Winemaker & Owner

“I left Marseille to join the family farm in La Cadière d’Azur at the age of 23, in 1996. My grandmother and my grandfather were in families of vine growers, and as a kid I came on weekends. as a good city dweller, and everyone had at that time a rather rustic vision of the agricultural world.

After my baccalaureate, it was the big start in the United States for 1 year. It is truly there that I understood the unique impact of French culture, and in particular its gastronomy.

Through my travels I have acquired an openness that has revealed my desire to invest myself in our wine heritage, and to transmit my culture in turn.

Today I have the chance to work in the heart of a beautiful, sunny region, with a generous nature. It is this generosity, this terroir that I want to share through the wines and our oil that we produce at La Suffrène. “

Our team

Valentin RUBIO - DIrecteur technique
Valentin RUBIO
Technical Director
Christine CASTELL - Responsable administrative au Domaine la Suffrène
Christine CASTELL
Administrative Manager
Gaelle Riudavets responsable commerciale Domaine La Suffrène
Sales Manager
Cellar Master
Tractor Driver
Jérôme Buton
Farm Worker
Véronique Devingt
Farm Worker / Cellar Master Assistant
Tractor Driver

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